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Introducing the Team

This explosive duo is working day and night to develop their first independent game Wéko the Mask Gatherer. Simon, in charge of the programming, is above all a great perfectionist! Passionate about gameplay mechanics, his experience as a gamer has led him to become a great connoisseur of the technical aspects of video games. Simon has analyzed all the greatest hits in order to offer the players a unique and thrilling experience.  In parallel, Robin is charge of the Art direction of the development; modeling characters in 3D, building the maps and all the elements that will constitute the World of Wéko. One listens to the other to create a balance between the visual and the gameplay. Both passionate about art, history and legends, always looking for unique ideas and captivating visuals, they are working hard to create a best adventure they can !

Robin Haefeli

CO founder of SIRO Games SARL

Art Director


Simon Da Silva

CO founder of SIRO Games SARL

Lead Programmer

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