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About Wéko the Mask Gatherer

Developed with Unreal Engine 4, " Wéko the Mask Gatherer " is a third person role playing/action game mixing exploration and real time combat. In the style of a 3D action-adventure game, you will be transported to a fantastic world where you will play as Wéko, an adventurer and collector of magical masks. The game takes place in a world that becomes gradually open for the player to explore at his will. The access to certain regions being blocked at the beginning of the game will requiring the completion of certain quests.


Throughout the quests, Wéko will receive magical masks that will give him unique powers and abilities, useful for the rest of the adventure. In the conquest of the seven primordial masks you will travel and fight enemies through large maps, each one more intriguing than the other.


We are proud to have recently completed our kickstarter for our game in development. Come and take a look!

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